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Bei  unseren  Rooftop Sessions lassen wir Urlaubs - Feeling aufkommen. Auf der wunderschönen Terrasse des Ruby Marie Hotels. 

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Drop In: € 20,-
Ruby Marie Hotel Gäste: for free!

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Ruby Marie Hotel & Bar
Kaiserstraße 2-4 / Ecke Mariahilfer Straße 120
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So, 8. Oktober, 17:00 - 18:30

photo: sonja leißer

photo: sonja leißer

DJ Wolf Berg & Caro Love führen euch nach der Sommerpause wieder durch zauberhafte Klangwelten und multidimensionale Bewegungsräume. Reise mit deinem wunderbaren Körper, der sich in so vielen Formen bewegen kann, durch elekro-akustische Soundlandschaften und genieße tiefe Entspannung in Momenten vollkommener Stille. Yoga-Asanas sind dabei unsere Meeting points in der unendlich weiten Landschaft, über die hinaus du dich auch frei bewegen kannst.

Reisekosten: € 25,-

"Anatomy & Fascia in Yoga Practice"

 November 22. / 23.   4:00 -8:00 pm


Gary Carter ist heute, mit seiner 20 jährigen Erfahrung als Personal Trainer, Bodyworker und Yogalehrer, DER Spezialist zum Thema Anatomie der Bewegung, Faszien-Forschung und Cranio-Sacral Therapie.

Gary war Schüler von Vanda Scaravelli, einer Pionierin der Faszien-Forschung.

Als Kollege von Tom Myers, dem Faszien-Anatomie-Forscher, lehrte er in den USA und in England und vertiefte sein Wissen in struktureller Integration.

Gary hat über 14 Jahre sein Wissen über Anatomie der Bewegung in Yoga, Pilates und Massageschulen in England und Europe weitergegeben. An der Universität Wien absolvierte er Sezierkurse und leitet nun international sein Yoga-und-Anatomietraining.


Foundations of Fluid Movement

A series of workshops exploring the principles of practice that follow the inspiration of Vanda Scaravelli's work.

'Movement is the Song of the body' Vanda Scaravelli

day 1

The Spine – an Organ in its own right

This session will take a look at Structure and Dynamics of the spine. Also we will challenge the idea of the ‘Core’ and the Psoas, what they really mean in movement, redefining their relevance in our practice. We will explore the Spines innate and primal response in Gravity and movement.

day 2

The Pelvis and Outwards – Introducing new Myofascial Chains

By understanding the ‘map’ of the Pelvis and it’s relationship to all regions of the body helps to reinforce our understanding of Pelvic mobility, freedom and stability. Understanding how to alleviate hip joint and knee joint compression. We will also look at the never seen before New Myofascial Chain structures.

1 day  € 80,- / 2 days € 155,-

To book your spot, please transfer the Workshop fee to our bank account.
Please note that there will be no refund. In case you can´t attend the Workshop you can pass on your spot to another person.

Info &  Booking:

with Catherine Annis/UK
Sat/Sun 13-14th January, 2018



"If you are kind to your body, it will respond in an incredible way"
Vanda Scaravelli, Awakening the Spine

Begin the new year by enhancing your yoga!  Join Catherine Annis for a series of mindful yoga workshops based on the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli to:

  • Discover how yoga can help you release tension, change the way you move, and improve your quality of life
  • Find out why there’s so much more to touch than how the teacher adjusts / assists you
  • Play with gravity, and become more grounded and centred
  • Learn about the psoas – the muscle of emotion – and how it’s related to the spine, and the breath, and explore simple techniques to release it

SATURDAY 13th January, 9:30 - 12:30 am
Releasing Tension Through Yoga

We are a product of our experiences. The way we move, our thoughts, our reactions … they create patterns which gradually sink into us and become absorbed into our bodies, affecting the way we relate to ourselves, and to others.  Join this workshop to explore how yoga can help.  Sit quietly, move consciously, breathe, and begin to softly open.  Practicing compassionately and with mindful awareness, we can: 

  • Soothe our nervous system, relax our tissues and responses, and find out how to go with the natural flow of the world around us
  • Use simple poses to let go of unnecessary tension and dissolve layers of habitual patterning
  • Restore our whole selves to a state of ease, tranquillity and happiness.   

SATURDAY 13th January 14:30 -17:30pm
The Art of Touch

The sense of touch is crucial for human development.   It is the first form of communication between mother and child, and can be a valuable tool in drawing attention to forgotten or sleepy areas of the body.  

In this workshop, we’ll explore different approaches to touch within our yoga practice and discover:

  • Techniques to improve the quality of our touch and learn how it can improve our sensitivity and awareness of ourselves, as well as others
  • The value of touch in revealing more supple and fluid approaches to movement
  • How the concept of touch moves beyond the physical and into the psychological

SUNDAY 14th January 9:30 -12:30am
Gravity and Grounding- Yoga inspired by Vanda Scaravelli

In this workshop, we’ll explore gravity and the sensation of grounding, and how these elements combine to release and awaken the spine, and bring a sense of lightness and natural ease into our yoga practice.  

Working with attention, we’ll learn how to work with gravity to gently encourage the body to open, creating space and lift through the body.  Join this workshop to:

  • Understand and explore how gravity affects the mechanics of our movements
  • Learn how to surrender to the pull of the earth and become more grounded, physically and psychologically
  • Use the power of gravity to unwind and awaken our spines, creating new beneficial approaches to yoga and movement

SUNDAY 14th January 14:30 - 17:30pm
Demystifying the Psoas – Muscle of Emotion

The psoas muscles are the deepest muscles in our core.  They are involved in almost every movement we make, from walking and running to sitting, and of course, throughout our yoga practice.   

Whilst they are extraordinarily sensitive and responsive, we often find it difficult to consciously feel them, or even know where they are within our bodies.   When we’re tired, emotional or have just been overdoing it a bit, they may become unbalanced and tense, potentially causing a wide range of symptoms including lower back pain, stress, postural imbalances and contributing to exhaustion and poor digestion.

Join this workshop to understand more about these most emotional of muscles, and:

  • Improve your understanding of the structure and role of the psoas in the body  
  • Learn why you should never stretch your psoas - and why it doesn’t need strengthening
  • Let go of long held tensions which may help relieve lower back pain and improve your psychological well being. 


Who is this weekend for? 

These workshops are for anyone who'd like to find out more about this unique, subtle yet demanding approach to yoga, and all levels of experience are welcome.  Beginners will welcome the straightforward approach.  Teachers and serious students will experience a new way to explore your practice.  Also suitable for those working with chronic (but not acute) spinal issues. 

All workshops are suitable for all levels, from beginners through to more experienced practitioners.  

Catherine Annis is well known for her imaginative and practical approach to yoga.  Originally a professional dancer, she discovered yoga as a teenager, and has been practicing for more than 35 years.  Having explored Sivananda, Iyengar, Ashtanga and various forms of Hatha yoga, she eventually gravitated to the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli. 

Catherine’s practice and teaching focuses on deepening physical awareness and alignment to reveal the natural freedom of the body, particularly the spine.  She is an attentive and thoughtful teacher, and highly skilled at adapting poses to accommodate all levels and types of students, so that everyone leaves class feeling that they have made a fresh discovery about their yoga practice.  She is a member of the Triyoga teacher training faculty and teaches weekly classes in London.  She also leads retreats at various locations in India and Europe, and created the first Scaravelli inspired immersion course, which is held annually, and is regularly invited to teach workshops throughout the UK, and internationally.  For more information and to keep in touch with Catherine, visit her website:

Prices: € 65.- each workshop, whole weekend € 235.-

To book your spot, please transfer the Workshop fee to our bank account.
Please note that there will be no refund. In case you can´t attend the Workshop you can pass on your spot to another person.

Info & Booking:


10. & 11. März 2018

mit Eva Klein (München)


In dieser 2-teiligen Workshopreihe näherst du dich spielerisch verschiedenen Hand - und Armbalance.

Nicht umsonst sind derartige Yogahaltungen für viele von uns oftmals die "Fear-Asanas" - das Herz befindet sich über unserem Verstand, was nicht nur im Alltag eine Herausforderung darstellt.

Dabei lernen wir als Erwachsene viel leichter wenn wir "spielen", wenn wir die Handstand Praxis als Playground sehen um zu experimentieren und uns neu zu erfinden. Gerade Frauen benötigen da auch körperlich eine andere Herangehensweise.

Ein Flirt mit dem "Andersherum-Stehen", die Leichtigkeit der körperlichen Praxis steht hierbei im Vordergrund.

In den aufeinander aufbauenden Modulen werden wir zuerst die Basics, die physischen und vor allem mentalen Voraussetzungen erfahren, die es benötigt, um die Welt andersherum zu betrachten. Anschliessend werden diverse Handstände (sowie deren Ein - und Ausstiege), Armbalancen, sowie Vorbereitungen und Drills für das Üben zu Hause erlernt.

Partnerübungen, sowie Hilfsmittel wie Blöcke und die Wand kommen zum Einsatz. Und natürlich eine ganze Menge Freude und Spaß.

Die Module sind auch einzeln buchbar und eignen sich für alle Levels.

Modul 1:

Basics, Preps & Drills für alle Hand und Armbalancen

Hier geht es vor allem um die Werkzeuge auf dem Weg in die Upside Down Welt. Welche Muskulatur wird benötigt, gekräftigt, gedehnt? Wie kann ich zu Hause üben? Womit beginne ich? Was sind die Schritte auf dem Weg zum freien Handstand?

Auch für alle erfahrenen Yogis empfehlenswert um punktuell zu trainieren, und für alle, die ihre Praxis auf ein neues Level heben wollen.

Theorie: 40% , Asana: 60%, Fun 100%


Modul 2:

Handstände, sowie Ein und Ausstiege aller Art!

Hier geht es zur Sache: Verschiedene Handstand Varianten, Ein & Ausstiege, sowie diverse Armbalancen lassen das Herz höher schlagen. Du darfst dich wie auf einer Spielwiese fühlen, ausprobieren und dich von dir selbst Entertainen lassen : )

Dieses Modul baut auf dem ersten auf und führt dich tiefer in die Welt der Umkehrhaltungen.

Theorie: 30% , Asana: 70%, Fun 100%

1 Modul: € 65,-
2 Module: € 117,-

jeweils von 14:00 - 16:30 Uhr

Little Yoga Room