3.April 2018      19:00 - 21:00



An diesem Abend stehen die Freude am Singen sowie das Erleben und Nachspüren der berührenden Kraft von Mantras und ihrer spirituellen Wirkung im Vordergrund!
Diese aktive Form der Meditation eignet sich besonders für Menschen, die sich mit dem “an nichts denken“ schwer tun. Atem und Stimmübungen verbinden die Stimme mit dem Körper. Die inneren Klangräume werden erfahrbar. So können Mantras ihre tiefere Wirkung erst richtig entfalten. Mal laut, mal leise, sehr kraftvoll, dann wieder ganz fein.
Bald wird daraus mehr als bloßes Singen: Der Kopf wird frei, der Verstand kommt zur Ruhe. Die Stimmen erreichen eine Schwingungsebene, die direkt mit dem Herzen verbindet. Die Sinne werden aufmerksamer und der Geist weitet sich, die innere Stimme wird wieder hörbar. Diese Reise führt nach innen, in die Stille zur Quelle von Kraft, Freude und innerem Frieden.
Der Abend ist gerade auch für Menschen geeignet, die glauben nicht singen zu können oder sich nicht trauen. Und für alle, die das Singen gerne vertiefen möchten.

Raimund Mauch/D, Ravensburg
Musiker, Heilpraktiker (Psychotherapie), Yogalehrer und Ergotherapeut. Zusammenarbeit v. a. mit Henry Marshall ( Mantras, heilende Gesänge der Kraft) und Hagara Feinbier. Mitinitiator des Come Together Songfestivals.
Seit über 28 Jahren arbeitet er mit Mantras und Liedern verschiedener Kulturen. Er bringt verschiedenste Gruppen zu kraftvollem Gesang zusammen.
„Seine herzliche, undogmatische, lebensfrohe Art springt sofort auf die Gruppe über und lässt jeden Event zu einem Highlight werden, das noch lange nachwirkt.“

Alexandra Stockmeyer/D, Ravensburg
Alexandra Stockmeyer begleitet den Abend mit Gesang und Percussion. Sie ist Journalistin, Heilpraktikerin (Psychotherapie) und Therapeutin in Klientenzentrierter Gesprächsberatung nach C.R. Rogers.

Ort: Little Yoga Room
Mitbringen: Bequeme Kleidung, Socken
Workshopbeitrag: € 25.-

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5. - 9. April 2018


5. April     19:00 - 21:00 MASTERCLASS              

6. April      09:00 .- 11:00 MASTERCLASS             
                      19:00 - 22:00  SACRED DANCE          

7. April      10:00 - 12:00 MASTERCLASS     ......    Sorry,  Masterclass is FULLY BOOKED
                       14:00 - 17:00 WORKSHOP                   

8. April      10:00 - 12:00 MASTERCLASS             
                      14:00 - 17:00 WORKSHOP                    

9. April      18:30 - 20:30 MASTERCLASS    


Julie Martin wants you to think outside the box, get off your mat, shake up the old dogmas and find the freedom to unfold into the beauty of a yoga practice that emerges from the inside. With over 25 years of experience and an international following of students and teachers alike, Julie’s greatest aim is to inspire. Her particular passion for human movement means continual investigation of new anatomical approaches, working with natural movement, range of motion, integrated stability and letting go of some of the old asana myths in order to move with the body and not against it. The practice is always an inquiry, a somatic exploration of sensation, movement, and stillness.

15 years ago Julie set up Brahmani Yoga in Goa, India after teaching in Brighton, UK for over 8 years. The largest motivation for the yoga centre was to create a community that could join together each winter season and practice without judgment, learn to let everything evolve and be totally inclusive to all yogis. What grew out of that is an international reputation especially in training teachers to challenge the “norms” of the yoga world when they no longer work for us. Julie’s work as a teacher trainer leaves students inspired and empowered.

She encourages people to find their own pace, fluidity, and strength in a structure that is only a "suggestion". No longer asking people to get "into" a pose, but if stillness arises in a moment then space is given to pause, feel and sense.

“Coming from a dance background and starting an asana practice to save my knees (which it did) I was initially so thankful for the practice. But as I moved over into the deeper world of yoga and teaching it (25 years ago) I was soon riddled with injuries. I had to rethink how this method that had initially "saved" my body was now the source of pain and injury and why everyone in the midst of it was so intent on a "right way" to do the practice. So I stepped away from the strict methodology (which lost me students in some cases) and worked on combining information from modern anatomy and fascia research, including some of my dance knowledge, with natural movement and letting people find their own alignment instead of forcing ideas of what anything should look like. For me, it's about allowing students to find a somatic practice that nurtures and heals the body and mind.”

Your yoga practice should invite you into a relationship with your self, your body, your mind, and emotions. This is not Instagram yoga or circus skills class. This is moving through layers, feeling, experiencing and observing the process, moving towards stillness, moving towards self.


Our yoga practice gives opportunity to let go of unwanted patterns, behaviour, stories and limitations allowing us to cultivate a relationship with our inner self.  One that becomes the most important relationship of all.  Using awareness of sensation Julie will guide you to explore natural spirals, waves, pulses, expansion and contraction, integrated movement, breath and pause.  Listening without judgement to what your body has to say, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Julie encourages students to find their own pace, fluidity and strength in a structure that is only a "suggestion". She no longer asks people to get "into" a pose, but if stillness arises then space is given for you to pause, feel and sense. Moving on only when you are ready, moving with the body not against it.

Julie’s style of flow and curiosity, a practice for all those who are tired of showing up to merely make shapes.  Join the Intelligent Rebellion and allow yourself to find a practice that feels authentic to you and your own body. 


We are constantly communicating with our bodies. Our gestures, glances, movements are telling stories we may not be aware of. When we cultivate our internal dialogue to find expression in movement, in dance, we have access to our stories. We feel them, see them and express them. Through this process we allow ourselves to re-pattern, let go of limiting ideas and grow in our relationship to ourselves and others. Sacred Dance is a movement exploration without limitations.

Julie will guide you through different awareness exercises.  Moving to access something within yourself in relationship to how you feel at this moment.  As the connection to inner sensing unfolds we present ways we are in relationship to others and to community/unity as a whole.  Conscious movement and dance can unfold many mental and emotional layers and you will find your freedom as you let the dance rise from within.

Julie draws on her work within the conscious dance community mostly from Vinn Arjuna Marti the founder of Soul Motion, along with Michael Molin Skelton also of Soul Motion and Jo Cobbett of 5 Rhythms and Fumbling Towards Ecstasy.  These mentors plus using techniques drawn from movement therapy has given Julie the framework with which she creates Sacred Dance. 


We’re moving into a new age of yoga practices.  Understanding human movement and how yoga needs to evolve has opened so many doorways to what we call a practice and why we choose to do it. 

But for all the talk of “natural” or “functional” movement we can get into the realm of making everything just easier for the body and that’s not quite where we are headed.  We need more.  The body needs more. Being linked directly to the emotions and the cells we have to ensure that we’re are encompassing an embodied practice not only to tune into sensation, but also so that we can apply and work with what arises. 

Using a short sequence repeated throughout the weekend, we aim to embody the elements: earth, water, fire, air and space.  Earth, solid and rooting.  Water, fluid, moving, shapeshifting.  Fire, burning, striking, lightning.  Air, ease, effortless, breath-filled.  Space, without limits, release of boundaries.   These different qualities reflect our emotional, mental and spiritual states.  Ever changing and in need of feeling through. Through movement, discussion, meditation and writing we will discover what these elements mean to us and how we can embody them, finding the ability to use the sense of these qualities in our daily lives.  

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Workshop fees:
Masterclass €30,-
Sacred Dance & Workshops €70,-


30. 6. / 1. 7. 

frank lee.png

Ich zeige dir einen Weg in den Movement-Flow. Du wirst Bewegungs-Prinzipien kennen lernen, die dir helfen deine gewohnten Bewegungsmuster zu überwinden und intuitiv neue Bewegungen zu machen. Dadurch trainierst du Muskeln, die du selten bewegst. Du schulst deine Aufmerksamkeit für Impulse aus deinem Körper, lernst sie zu interpretieren und in Bewegung auszudrücken. So kommst du in den Flow. 

über Frank Lee:

Im Jahr 2000 fing ich an Breakdance zu machen. Ich war damals 16 Jahre alt. Die ersten Jahre habe ich mich in den akrobatischen Elementen (sog. Powermoves) geübt. Ich lernte mit Schwung und Drehbewegungen umzugehen.

Dauerhaft hatte mich jedoch das Tanzen am meisten interessiert, weil es mir ein unglaubliches Körpergefühl gab. Ich ging deshalb 2007 nach Berlin, um mich dem Tanz zu widmen. Weil ich es wirklich begreifen wollte, studierte ich Bewegung an sich und suchte dessen Essenz. Der zeitgenössische Tanz und Feldenkrais haben meinen Weg am stärksten beeinflusst. Ich lernte das wahre Bewegung von innen heraus als Instinkt und Intuition zu einem kommt. 

Ich schulte meine Aufmerksamkeit und lernte die Signale aus meinem Körper, selbst in den verstecktesten Winkeln im inneren meines Körper wahrzunehmen. Dieser Weg führte mich ohne das ich es je beabsichtigt hatte zur Essenz der Übungen aus dem Yoga. Meine suche nach Bewegungs-Ästhetik führte mich zur Essenz des Chi Gong und des Kung-Fu.

Heute bin ich in verschiedenen Kontexten tätig. Ich gebe Workshops zum Thema Bewusstsein und Bewegung oder bin als Performer im Bereich Physical Theatre auf der Bühne. 

Preis           early bird € 70,-       
                      danach € 80,-

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